Wedding barn

The aim of this project was to weatherproof a large barn to complement our clients’ wedding venue business.  The focus was on providing a blank canvas for each wedding couple to decorate, furnish and light according to their chosen style of wedding.  Despite the simplicity of the development, obtaining planning permission was not straightforward and we had to settle for a highly unusual 28 day use of the building for weddings.  Our clients were pleased with the outcome as the newly renovated building could continue to be used throughout the year for the original use.

Simple timber windows and doors close off the large threshing door openings, and the existing timber shutters remain, so the building can be made secure when not in use. The classic barn ventilation slit windows are glazed with opening casements, bottom-hinged with a top crank opening.  The atmosphere is enhanced with exposed weathered oak roof trusses, which can be draped with lights and greenery, and blocked recesses in the original stone wall provide ideal candle shelves.

A new floor incorporating underfloor heating blends seamlessly with patio areas to the front and back, promoting inclusive access.

This is just a handful of the hundreds of projects we have successfully delivered.

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